The Belgians are right to be proud of their beers. With 1600 brewed varieties, Belgium is unmistakably the Country of the Beer. The card(map) 2015-2016 lists(counts) 225 brasseries(breweries) and inescapable(major) leading beers.
This 7th edition(publishing) invites you to discover and to organize your circuits of visits in tastings.




If the spring of 2017 was rather gloomy and cold, we can notice on the other hand that the summer rang before the hour, with a very generous sun as well as temperatures over the averages of season. Very fast, Belgium took back taste in the pleasures of terraces as well as in the tendency on the return towards beer cans. These even widened their varieties thanks to new recipes, sometimes completely without warning for certain categories where we never expected them. Often banished by the beer purists, the can, thanks to the generous rays of sunshine, succeeded in regaining prestige by increasing even new amateurs. Too long, the beer can is considered to contain only thirst-quenching beers, and involved only brews of productions of low fermentation, like pils but also some fruity. They did not enjoy either a good reputation because its clients also possessed an image of “drunkards”. What from now on is not any more really the case. We shall however point out with the client, that once consumed it would rather be very correct not to throw cans simply on public highways and in the nature. The beer is deserved but it is necessary to prove it by this simple and ecologic gesture.


For this double press review, we traveled the most objectively possible, this very specific market.