News Christian Deglas - FEBRUARY 2018.


Regarding the numerous new beers, the flow of these assimilates to a more logical evolution. Certainly, the purist of barley beers remains faithful to a traditional consumption especially for the productions of high fermentation offering in bottle a dreg of yeast. It is to be that it is an additional delicious asset rich in vitamins B. However, the latter is not always well accepted by the digestive system and gets rather regularly worrying once digested with laxative effects. Anyhow, the advantages are more numerous than its inconveniences. Indeed, the bottom of dregs compound of yeast offers an additional quality to the taste of the beer, raising the malted aspect subjugating almost the final bitterness. On the other hand, it brings a fuzziness to the dress of the drink, rather visible with the blondes. The new young brewers know of course this secondary aspect, and however, avid to make known their products to the general public, by participating in festivals or brewing fairs. From then on, it is essential to them to be able to format differently their production via the beer pump. This one, hardly slandered a few years ago, the systems of debits underwent these last years surprising novelties, allowing the consumers of craft beers, not to feel any more the effects of the essential CO2 formerly to put the pressure in ales to offer a substantial foam collar. Today, very strong would be the one who would decelerate a consumption of bottled beers from those called the pressure. One of the European masters of the formatting of the beer in the pump is the manufacturer of the Etablissements Antoine. Covering about 90% of the Belgian market, the Antoine family not only designed systems of custom-made pumps but even modernized them to the slightest details. So cumbersome were the systems of the years ’60, so successful and more condensed they are today. They bring an exceptional quality meeting the requirements at the same time of the brewer as to those of the consumer.


The risks of product infections in the pump were rather current, especially when the barkeeper after a long day in the levers of his counter, did not find any more the time to evacuate the rests of beers in his pumps. Today the technical solution was found thanks to the new techniques of pumping with a compact system incorporated into the barrels maintaining the temperature constantly between 2 and 4°C. The risks of oversaturation of beers, especially the not filtered are almost reduced to zero risk.


With the low temperature as ally, there is either no wasting of beer. The rinsing in the water is not compulsory any more between every barrel on condition however that it is about the same type of beers. This system allows a 30% energy saving as well as 40% of consumption of CO2


The big advantage of this new system of pumps is that the brewer of the barkeeper can keep the drilled barrel up to 3 weeks without altering the taste of the beer.


Finally, and not the slightest task, the user of these new generations of pumps « COOLED KEG DRAFT SYSTEM », sees facilitating his task of sanitation of the after use, because it is comparable to a classic installation. So, no new learning for the barkeeper and thus no possible error. Let us underline however that the group of refrigeration is removable. The installation of the furniture is compact and take place in a block very near the exit pumps. The drawing calls on to the system of refrigerator of the barrel.

They are already numerous, the beers that would never have being sold one day in a barrel. Last year during the presentation of the « Duvel Oak Age Bourbon », the brewery Moortgat made us discover during the inaugural ceremony, the Duvel in the barrel. According to other echo’s, 2018 could see appearing to the pump the Triple Westmalle, the Rochefort 8, besides the Chimay Blanche the abbey could confirm also the Chimay Bleue. Numerous are also the new micro brewers for whom this new technique is reliable and practically easy. Below in the episode of the « Tournai Beer Festival 2018 », a good number of new productions will be on the pump.

Here is thus the system which will call new vocations to the barkeeper’s job but also for everyone, avid to amaze his guests on a barbecue at home!


With this new edition of the Tournai Beer Festival, it will be possible to you to appreciate number of beers as well as new ones and to notice the evolutions of the techniques of various debits. About 20 breweries will find themselves in the wonderful site of the Halle aux Draps. Some are regular customers of this place as others will be real discoveries.


This new small company became established in the centre of Mouscron, exactly in the rue des Brasseurs. Through 2 beers that he will present on the festival, the young brewer, Mr Lahrichi, pays tribute to its region. The « BÈQUIN » (6,5%) is already a whole symbol because its name evokes the official song of the city of Mouscron. This amber character beer rhymes with a very pronounced bitterness because it consists on base of 3 local hops stemming from harvests of Ploegsteert. By its side, the brewer will present his quite new production « La Mouscronnoise » (8%), a blonde triple also calling on 3 types of hops but whose delicious tones are clearly more malted and the bitterness more rounded off.


One of the local breweries which has already built its good reputation on the « Diôle » become their real hobbyhorse. It spreads out on 3 permanent versions with in the winter, the Christmas version, the quite last drops of which could still find its glass during the festival.


She is sited in one of the villages of Hainaut Picard. We owe her the Bon Secours but also the last welcomed « Paix Dieu », an abbey beer version triple (10%) only brewed at nights of full moon. It is also characterized with its unique glass cut in its edge in an oblique way.


The most recent of microbreweries in Hainaut, but already with a product which resounds « champagne » named the « Brute » (7%). With the help of his father, François Couvreur made the last hand of his own brewery. From now on, it is at his home that will be produced his beers, among which a brand new the « PURE » (5,9%), which will be presented at the festival, allying in its maturation white wine and beer. We shall discover it together but already, it looks very supplied with aromas and flavours.


In the shadow of the famous megalith of the village, at the 6 roads junction, is situated the brewery of Marc-Antoine De Mees. Its fame exceeds the Belgian border, of which France is very close with the region of Pévèle delighted to be likened to one of the productions of the brewery, the range Saint-Martin. Nevertheless, the small brewing company is the pioneer of biological beers and especially author of the first beer without gluten. Most will be present in Tournai and will certainly not miss to attract many curious.


We do not present anymore the Moinette and especially its considered « Avec les Bons Vœux » beer formerly classified as Christmas, but from now on permanently on the card of the brewery. Still lest us note its « Saison Dupont » in normal version but also titled « bio ». At Dupont the hop is the king. Every production is a masterpiece in itself. She owes to be present in Tournai.


It is in the heart of the hop fields near Poperinge that we find this brewery which naturally produces beers with very hopped character among which the range of the « Kapitel » formerly mentioned as a trappist but further to a court order defining the category of the brewing productions emanating from Cistercian abbeys, removed the name of his labels. It remains nevertheless one of the best beers on the market and knows his fanatics. The brewery also possesses other remarkable beers as « Hommelbier » as well as the « Watou’s Wit ». They will of course be on the card of the festival.


Unmistakably « La Corne des Pendus » in 3 versions, is the incomparable beer of this small brewery from Liège, already charged with a beautiful history. She is hardly attached to her heritage of setting-up and shows itself every time in permanent progress by the quality of its brews. This range possesses a completely original glass, appearing in the form of a horn. These glasses will be available on their stand, but beers will not be tasted in these, only for obvious reasons of theft of this real collector’s item.


This small brewery implanted in the heart of West Flanders was already present in scoop last year in Tournai. She was recently crowned better beer during the most recent brewing festival of Roeselare. She proposes 2 excellent beers, the « WITTE PATER » (9%) not a white but a strong blonde, decorated with a robust hopped character. The « Ardoois Blond » (7,5%) is a triple blonde more rounded off, because of the various clear malts combined with less hopped density. This small brewery could benefit from real success of which a lot among the public will discover it with great pleasure.


The brewer will have travelled a long route to reach from Falmignoul near Dinant the Halle au Draps in Tournai. Under the sign of a snail, this brewery already became known almost everywhere in Europe but also in the USA and in Japan. It is the unique brewery in Belgium warming its tanks with wood, that is why we find a qualified range « cuvée grand feu ».
Among its productions it is also normal to find a beer dedicated to the most illustrious inhabitant of Dinant, Adolphe Sax, the « SAXO » (7,7%). One of the monsters of beers on their card is the terrible (by its name!) « NOSTRADAMUS » (9%) tremendous on the palate as tricky in the tasting. You will thus to be all eyes in the quantities!


« This is not a …. brewery » but still a brewery, in the sense that it is about an establishment of consumption in Tournai near the Marché au Poisson. It became an indisputable stop for the purists of the beer, a place where the magic of beers operates a real passionate atmosphere where the beer tastes with wisdom!


« L’Ardenne Stout » (8%), « Ardenne Saison » (5,5%), the range « Trouffette » and of course the « BPA » Bastogne Pale Ale (5,5%), …. to quote only them, are real pearls of beers from the very depths of the Ardennes. The famous General Paton had not made a mistake by starting the Bataille des Ardennes from a region where the flavours of the beer wake the enthusiasm in the work. Most of the productions were crowned in various competitions and international. And the brewer Philippe has still kept some under the hand for a very promising future which even president Donald Trump will envy us!


Since a few years, this brewery, using its own hops, also began producing personalized products to the service of private individuals’ demand or on the occasion of an event, a birthday, a remembrance or simply by personal desire to possess its own beer in the cellar. However, the brewery also possesses a flagship product « L’authentique » made up of 5 versions. Although all the beers are of high fermentation, the brewery also possesses a not filtered pils, in low fermentation, “ La Pils des 3 Canaux » (4,5%) its name coming from the quite close channel.


We could nickname it the frontier brewery, because it is really situated in the north of Tournai on the common ownership of French-Belgian territory. She uses that region raw materials, malts and hops. She proposes only some pearls as the « TOURNAY » in tribute to the near town. His versions are quadruple, but with a remarkable stout and a triple one of very high quality.


It is the 3rd consecutive year that this small brewery of Limburg from the region of Hasselt participates to the festival. She had amazed numerous visitors at the same time by the originality of names almost without vowels, raising at the same time mystery but explanatory. They conjugate in 6 versions quite defined originally. Someones evoke the flavours of Limburg, others the festive spirit of its occupants. Over the years she runs away an indisputable place on the card of beers of the province.


She finds refuge with the brewery Authentique of Frédérick Baert, let us say that the alchemy of the hop is very present in the beer. His felty initials by a moustache (from the Spanish language « el bigote »), sometimes in the proud looks, sometimes with its lowered tips, evoke the image of the perfect consumer of beer leaving foam imprints on the hairs of this very male whim. At the same time, the brewer so reminds his long stay in Spain.


This new brewery proposes due to its name, actually a certain enigma. This one lives especially with the attractive products which she proposes. Aiming to be friendly the brewer found the good definition of his productions, in particular for one of the freshest and very delicious aiming to be “low in alcohol but terribly characterful to taste”. This brewery proposes a great deal of originalities so much with the flavours implanted in the bitterness, the fruity as well as the black beers tinged with roasted malts. They are named « TAMERA BLONDE TRIPLE (9%), « RAGARÖCK BLONDE (5,5%, « BLACK FUEL QUADRUPLE (9%), « DRAGORA BLONDE » (7%), « LUPULIN MONSTER IPA » (7%), « HADES IMPERIAL STOUT » (10%) et « SANDERIJN SAISON » (7,5%) all presenting a terrifying look! Present for the first time in Tournai and still underestimated by the general public, she will amaze very certainly the visitors of this festival.


It is unmistakably one of the flagship breweries not only of Belgium, but also on the international level. The range Saint-Feuillien is crowned every year during brewers festivals or beer contests. The St-Feuillien Grand Cru continues its impressive growth and it is very normal because it is one of the best crus on the Belgian brewing card. Let us not forget either the Season, the IPA Belgian Coast as well as the fruity Grisettes. A stand in Tournai who will have a constancy of public!


Still some patience and we shall see as for the snowdrops, numerous brewing novelties to be born. Nevertheless, with this relatively wet and cold winter, certain new beers are premature and will already be present on the Belgian market.


This average brewery situated in the region of Rieti in central Italy, has just seen opening doors in exclusivity nearby the Delhaize stores. The Italian company is rich in proposal of types of beers. However, 3 of them received the consent for a presence in the shelfs of the Belgian hypermarket.

DUCHESSA (5,8%) :

It is about a very elegant blonde topped with an invigorating foam collar just like this region where earthquakes are regular (cf. L’Aquila). Its flavour is slightly bitter decorated with a lot of rounding off. Its introduction is “prickly” on the tongue and develops only its modest bitterness in the before last stage to release in conclusion at touch rather malted but at last a dry final. It defines itself as rather thirst-quenching beer.


It joins in the alcoholic tones of the previous one with despite more body in bitterness and especially a nose rather citrus fruit. Its composition gives more place to more typified hops and offers a less active sparkling activity what does not allow it to impregnate the prickly in the tongue. Its blonde dress is more veiled but offers nevertheless a constant silky foam as well as a very good bitter aftertaste. Very pleasant but serious!

LA REALE (6%) :

This amber possesses an amber dress in this trio of Italian beers. It confirms what we expect from this type of ale. Thus, it is without surprise that we detect a link with the flavour of a pale ale showing wooded but not caramelized smells. It does not really point bitterness and lets all the leisure to develop its smoked spirits of malts, supported of a woody flavour and deprived of any sweetness. It is consumed with a lot of attention because of this hot and complex character at the same time. Its foam is generous but not centralized and rather hanging on the edges of its glass.

Henry Brousmiche is a passionate of adventure, of journeys in Africa and of beers. It is through these last ones that he expresses with knowledge, the happiness of his experiences. He proposes at the moment 2 crus in the colours of the African continent.

The COUAGGA (7,4%)  contradictorily to Africa is a white beer representing the zebra. It is simple and complex at the same time, giving rhythm stepwise to the importance of its malts including the important content of wheat. As the zebra alternates the colours, in this case it is the flavours which are overlapping their temper by the fruity, a light acidity and a certain hopped character. This combination gets to this beer a perfect moment of thirst quenching, especially during suffocating days.

The NYALA (8,4%),  in reference to the antelope of the mountains, is more generous still juggling with flexibility, a complexity of in depth rich flavours. It expresses an assuring sensation thanks to its caramelized zest accompanying a regular bitterness mixed with a certain sweetness. This amber so symbolizes the perfect balance which its animal symbol owes to possess in high mountain.

During the next number in mid-March, we shall discover 2 new Trappists, among which that of Spencer (USA) bringing out the « PEACH SAISON » 4,3%, being so the very first fruity beer in this category. Finally, on the English side, it will also be a great premiere with the launch on the market of the first English trappist of the Mount-St-Bernard abbey of Whitwick near Leicester.


But before leaving, this small wink on the occasion of the month “Mineral tour”. The brewery Moortgat/Duvel has just brought out under the label “Vedett”, a sparkling water in can, showing in complete safety a 0,0%.



Christian DEGLAS.