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Since 2002 and with 3 editions, the paper edition of the THE BELGIAN BEER ROUTES map has enjoyed growing success in Belgium and beyond its borders

It is distributed throughout the world, in over 30 countries, in Europe, North and South America and Asia: Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Ireland, The Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Israel, Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam

The aim of THE BELGIAN BEER ROUTES is twofold :

• To promote and give recognition to the brewer’s trade and, in particular, to Belgian brewing activities.

• To invite lovers of good beer and tourists to spend one or more days discovering Belgian breweries.

THE BELGIAN BEER ROUTES map has become he leading Belgian communications medium for finding out about and visiting breweries in Belgium.

THE BELGIAN BEER ROUTES map also promotes :

• Cafes, estaminets and restaurants where you can taste Belgian beer.

• Agents and specialised shops where you can buy it.

• Beer-tasting festivals where you can find out more about beer and talk to the brewers.




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