Royal Syndicat d’Initiative Hotton
Rue Haute 4 - B-6990 Hotton
00 32 (0)84 46 61 22
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The town of Hotton is installed on both sides of the river that crosses the + / - 10 km. A Hotton, Calestienne (continuous strip of calcareous soil from the Liège region Chimay via Remouchamps, Hotton, Rochefort, Han and Givet) marks the boundary between the Ardennes and Famenne. The High Street is lined with beautiful houses built with limestone blocks, some of the 18th century. Home Godenir seat of the Syndicat d'Initiative and RIVEO, Interpretation Centre River, dates from 1791. The different rooms of the house host exhibitions in nature. The beautiful gardens are landscaped mini-golf, declined on the theme of stone and water and aquariums introduce you to the fish in our rivers.

WALK A: 7,5km 
WALK B: 7,5km


1 Hotton le moulin Faber
2 Hotton cimetière britannique
3 Hotton grottes de Mille et Une Nuits
4 L’Ourthe
5 Hotton les rochers de Renissart et le trou Fré-Diame
6 Hotton Riveo
7 Ny, un des Plus Beaux Village de Wallonie