The Beer Route and its flavours

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The Beer Route and its flavours

Beer is a symbol of the specific bitter-sweet character and flavour of the Ardennes. The art of brewing is enhanced by precision and know-how: artisan breweries continue a centuries-old tradition anchored in the very earth of the Ardennes. While this tradition is alive and healthy today in Belgium, in France the many breweries that were around in the nineteenth century have almost all disappeared. However, the twenty-first century has seen a revival as young brewers have re-learned the skills and techniques of their ancestors in the towns and villages of the Ardennes, while not far away, at Chimay, Rochefort and Orval, Trappist monks have brewed superb beers for centuries, which form a veritable, unique taste heritage!
distance: choice of 20 stops: from 10 to 40 km with a trip length of 1 to 3 hours by car
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1 Mariembourg The stronghold
2 Chimay The abbey of Scourmont
3 Maredsous The abbey
4 Dinant Notre-Dame collegiate church
5 Rochefort The cistercian Our Lady of Saint-Rémy Abbey
6 Givet Historical city – ‘Porte de France’
7 Hierges Renaissance castle
8 Charleville-Mézières The ‘Place Ducale’
9 Sedan The castle
10 Orval The abbey
11 Bouillon The castle