Historich gebouw vredegerecht
Stationstraat, 21 - B-9900 Eeklo
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Discover a piece of unknown Flanders, away from the crowds. Bruges, Ghent and Breskens is a cycling paradise with woods, fields and in the north a unique creek area. The region moves like a puzzle piece in Zeeland. Welcome to our cycling network and in the creek area on our hiking network. Indulge yourself in one of our wonderful culinary restaurants just outside Ghent or in one of the typical restaurants of eel eel municipality of Sint-Laureins. Taste is our eel beer Augustinian Grand Cru!

 distance: 79km

1 Oude volkssporten
2 Oude grenspaal uit 1843
3 Romantisch krekenlandschap bij mist
4 Eeklo Stadhuis